Whatever is Lovely




While brainstorming a new tagline for Love You Muches, I started thinking about the word lovely. Lovely is a word I toss around a lot. It’s one of my favorite words. It means:

  • attractive or pleasing, especially in a graceful way
  • very good or likable
  • very pleasing

Philippians 4:8 came to mind, and the phrase “whatever is lovely” in that verse inspired my tagline. Now, I’m not trying to say that the stationery, quilts, planners, and other topics I write about on Love You Muches are things you should spiritually “think on”, but I like the reminder this tagline gives me. The Greek word for lovely in this verse means acceptable or pleasing. I believe Philippians 4:8 instructs us on where our focus should be in life. Instead of worldly, material things, we need to think about spiritual things that are pleasing to God.

There’s more than enough darkness, evil, and negativity in the world. It’s so easy to get caught up in it all. I don’t want this blog to be the kind place that does not fit in with the principle of Philippians 4:8. Sure, I will write about the material things I find lovely, but I don’t want to ever lose my number one focus. This is why I feel so strongly about having the “heart” category of posts. There’s a balance that I want to achieve here.

My prayer is that Love You Muches will be a place to share whatever is lovely – both the material things and more spiritual matters of faith.


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Hi Y’all – A Fresh Start

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It’s been a while. I’m sorry for all the crickets here lately. If you are one of the wonderful people who regularly reads my blog, welcome back! I’ve missed you. If you are a new reader, welcome! I’m happy to have a new friend here.

Love You Muches has gotten a facelift in more ways than one. It was time for a fresh start. Many of my old posts are gone, although I did keep some favorites. Click on Meet Beth to find out more about me and this blog. Be sure to stay tuned for some exciting posts coming up. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming to Love You Muches.


It’s good to be back!

Changes to the Everything Notebook

Paper & Pen

Believe it or not, I’m still using the same planner – my diy planner/everything notebook I’ve written about before. It’s still working unbelievably well. I’ve never been so far away from the dreaded Planner Fail before.

Being me, I have made a few little tweaks since I posted about this wonderful book. These are the changes I’ve made to the everything notebook along the way.


I bought a new cover when we were in Florida.


On our way back from Florida, something hit the windshield of our new van and left a crack. We stopped in Tallahassee to get the crack repaired. While sitting in the waiting area of the repair place, I was bothered by the fact that my monthly pages didn’t go exactly with the style of my pretty neutral new cover. So, I did what any insane sane planner addict would do. I asked one of the employees for a pair of scissors and chopped off the borders. I’m planning to print out another set of the calendars with the bright, colorful borders that I can use when I switch back to the pink cover.


As much as I love having everything in one book, it wasn’t working out to have my work notes and lists with everything else. So now, it’s an everything except work notebook. I’m back to a separate notebook that stays at work.

IMG_0281 IMG_0277

I wrote some of the lists that I want to keep throughout the year on pretty paper and stuck it inside the front pocket. Now I won’t have to rewrite these lists every time I switch to a new notebook refill.


Sometimes I keep this Field Notes Steno pad inside the back cover.


This isn’t technically part of the planner, but I got this new pencil pouch at Target, and I love it! It has two different compartments, so now I can carry post it notes and pens without worrying about my post it notes getting bent!

One good thing about designing your own planner is the flexibility to make small changes that make it even better.

I’ve said it before, but this time I really think I will stick with this system for a long, long time :)


It’s a Grand Old Day for Being Happy



When I was a young girl, my Mama gave me a little porcelain egg that belonged to her when she was a young girl. On the egg was a picture of three little girls dressed in old-fashioned clothes. They waved an American flag, beat on a drum, and played a flute. They were a three person parade, marching through life. The words printed on this little porcelain figure read “It’s a grand old day for being happy.”

I love that phrase. All days are good days to be happy if you choose to be. It’s hard sometimes to choose this joy when the world around you seems to be crumbling. It’s hard to be happy when facing discouragement or health problems. Yes, trials are a part of life and suffering is real. Through it all, there is so much to be happy about.

Wave your flags and turn your music up loud. Throw your own parade.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” Philippians 4:4

It just might not seem like it now, but it’s a grand old day for being happy.

Favorite Things Thursday – Thymes Mandarin Coriander Hand Cream


*Not a sponsored post.



This lovely little tube of lotion was found in my stocking this year. It got there because I picked it out at one of my favorite local stores, handed it to M, and he took it up to the counter and paid for it. I still appreciated the gift and was excited to see it late on Christmas Eve.

I’m picky when it comes to lotion. For years I hated it and wouldn’t touch the stuff. As I’ve gotten older, my skin has started to get dryer. I’m trying to do a better job about using lotion. I haven’t found a body lotion I love yet, but this Thymes hand cream is definitely a new favorite.

There are three things I love about this product.
1. The smell – so light and refreshing. I want everything to smell like mandarin coriander.
2. It’s strong enough to combat dryness without being greasy and gross.
3. The packaging and design. It’s cute! I love cute things!

Now that I’ve found a favorite hand cream, do you have any suggestions for body lotion I might like?

In Praise of the Everything Notebook

Paper & Pen


My DIY Planner has become so much more than just a planner. I’ve started calling it my Planner/Everything Notebook because it really contains my life all in a single place. It’s so nice to have everything I need in one notebook. This is something I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time. I’m a little embarrassed about how much I enthuse about this notebook, but I’m guessing y’all have grown used to me praising such things by now.

These are some benefits I’ve found to having an everything notebook.

  • less to carry with you
  • you automatically know where that obscure note or idea is located
  • it cuts down on notebook indecision
  • it’s easy to customize
  • you can easily make an index or use sticky tabs to find important things
  • it can help you be more productive

Does anyone else have an all-in-one, everything notebook?

2014 DIY Planner Tour

Paper & Pen

This is not a sponsored post in any way. Links are not affiliate links.photo 1Y’all. I think I finally have the as close-to-perfect-as-possible planner set up for me. I hope those aren’t famous last words, but I absolutely love the planner I’m using right now.

Why is it so perfect? To get it that way, I had to design it myself. After trial and error for the past several months, I finally have it set up in a way that I feel confident enough to share on here. This is my 2014 DIY planner.

photo 6The cover of my planner is a Graphic Image Saffiano Refillable Spiral Notebook. Inside, the notebook I’m using is different from what comes with the cover initially. This is the refill I’m using.

photo 3

This is how my planner looks from the top. The great thing about this system is that I can switch the covers whenever I want to change things up. When I took the above photo I had a pink leather cover on, obviously.

photo 2My monthly calendars are clipped inside one of the first pages in the notebook. I only use the monthlies for future planning and to have a big picture view of my month. Aren’t they cute? The fabulous Sara from This Southern Mom designed them for me. She did a great job.

1381719_10101779523837035_233570072_nMy daily pages are what I use the most. Every Sunday, I make a page for each day of the coming week. I love having so much room to write notes and lists every day. I can change the format of what I write depending on what I need that day.

1379492_10101779523946815_174103940_nAfter the daily pages for the week, I have the rest of the notebook available for whatever I need. I can write all kinds of lists and notes. I keep my work to do lists, master to do lists, goals, meeting notes, and anything else I want to keep track of in my planner. I love being able to have everything in one notebook!

The best part about my planner is the flexibility and space to write everything I need. Once the notebook runs out, I can just replace it with a new refill.

photo 5


I keep this Rifle Paper Co. notebook stashed inside the back cover as a place to record ideas and inspiration for blog posts and all my other projects.

I really think I will be able to use this planner for a long time. It’s pretty, flexible, and has plenty of space. I love it!

What planner are you using for 2014.

Sweet Home Alabama – Apple Cider Slushies from Isom’s

Southern, Sweet Home Alabama


Isom’s is the home of many special fall memories. From picking out our pumpkins every year to buying bags and bags of apples, I love stopping by our local orchard.

I love pumpkins and apples, but their apple cider slushies are by far the best treat to be found there this time of year. Fresh and sweet with the perfect amount of tartness, an apple cider slushie just tastes like fall to me. If you live in or are traveling through north Alabama in the fall, be sure to stop by Isom’s and try a slushie!



Favorite Things Thursday – Pilot Precise RT Pens

Fascinations, Paper & Pen


I’m kicking off a new blog series today. On Thursdays (most weeks), I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things.

Today’s favorite thing is my favorite disposable pen. I have my sister to thank for introducing me to these several months ago. She bought my first pack of Pilot Precise RT pens, and I have been hooked ever since.

20131008-205126These pens come in .5 and .7 versions (v5 and v7). They are rollerballs which means they write very smoothly. I enjoy writing with both versions, and I use one or the other almost daily.


What are your favorite pens?