Gratitude Week Day 4: Thanksgiving for my WHOLE family

Warning: This has the potential to be the longest post ever. I have a big family, but I definitely consider them all a blessing!Dear family, I am thankful for all of you, but that does not seem like enough. You have helped shaped me into who I am. You have stood with me through so many milestones, and I love you all muches! One of the blessings that comes when you get married is that your family gets bigger, so I am including M’s family, too. I have enjoyed getting to know them over the past several years, and I consider them family as well!  I am thankful for:

  1. Laura – my sister and my best friend (besides M). She is so much stronger than I am. She is caring and is going to be a wonderful nurse. She makes me laugh uncontrollably and she understands me.
  2. Wes – my brother-in-law. Wes is always there to help us with anything and everything. He has a story or a fact for everything and is always fun to talk to. I regret that I used to be mean to him. He loves my sister so much, and I love having him in our family!
  3. James – Michael’s oldest brother. He graciously offered to photograph our wedding and did a wonderful job. I know Michael admires him a lot.
  4. Alison – Michael’s sister. I wish I got to see her more, but I have loved spending time with her when I have. She let me stay with her when Michael and I visited his family before we got married. We had fun shopping trips and amusement park trips. I enjoy our text message convos!
  5. Daniel – Michael’s other brother and the first member of his family I met. From Rock Band and hanging out in Tuscaloosa to the time he helped me when I sprained my foot, it’s always fun to be around Daniel. One of my favorite memories ever is our day in Washington DC with him.
  6. Papa – my grandfather. I could write volumes about my Papa. This year I am especially thankful that he is doing so much better after the scary time he had this summer. There is no one in the world like my Papa. If you know him, then you know what I’m talking about! He’s a wonderful man, and I love him so!
  7. Ree – my grandmother. I want to be like my grandmother. She is the strongest woman I know. She takes care of her family, and she is so talented. She understands and loves us all.
  8. Paw – Michael’s grandfather. Being around Paw is such a treat. His love for the Lord and his family is obvious. I love listening to his stories!
  9. MaMaw – Michael’s grandmother. I could talk to her for hours. I love being around her as well. She is also a strong lady that I look up to.
  10. Nickie – My uncle. He’s my mom’s older brother. He takes me fishing. He loves Alabama football. He taught me about saving money by helping set up a savings account for my Christmas money from him every year. I named one of my baby dolls after him when I was little.
  11. Paul – My uncle. We carpooled to work together the summer of my first internship. He tried to teach me how to properly swing a softball bat (I was hopeless). He tutored me in math in high school. He always beats me at cards and dominoes.
  12. Myra – My aunt. She’s my mom’s sister. She kept me a lot when I was little. I loved playing board games at her house. She, like my grandmother, takes care of everyone. She wrote a really wonderful poem for my bridal shower after going to all kinds of trouble trying to get me my Fiestaware canisters only to have them arrive broken in a million pieces. She’s a wonderful aunt.
  13. Matt – my cousin. I have a memory of this one time of Laura and I spending an afternoon on the swing at the river with him listening to the radio and singing country songs. He is a good Christian father and is going to be a wonderful teacher!
  14. Kelli – my cousin Matt’s wife. I’m glad Matt married Kelli. When they were dating when I was in middle school, I thought it was so cool that she would have Laura and I over for girls’ movie nights. She is a great mother and cousin.
  15. Alaina – Matt and Kelli’s daughter. Alaina is so mature and smart. She always has a book and loves to read. She was a flower girl in our wedding (and I still owe her that flower girl sleepover!) I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast.
  16. Preston – Matt and Kelli’s son. Preston has the cutest country accent ever. He is a fun little guy to be around. He was one of the ring bearers in our wedding
  17. Anthony – my cousin. He keeps us laughing when we all get together. He’s a good guy and now I will get to see him more because I moved to his hallway at work!
  18. Cody – my cousin. I first met my husband through Cody. Cody and Michael are good friends. He doesn’t like to be called Cody Body, but that’s what I always called him. We played together all the time growing up. I remember playing with his ninja turtles and GI Joes which was cool because we didn’t have those “boy toys” at our house.
  19. Tim – My uncle. He, Aunt Kathy, Allison, and Rachel lived right next door to us growing up. We once spent an afternoon playing Mario together so he could try to beat the princess for me. He helped us clean up after the storms. He is a good cook and a good uncle!
  20. Kathy – My Aunt. My mom’s other sister. She is my go to person to ask for paint color and decorating advice. She is a decorating genius! She is also fun to shop and talk with. It meant the world to me when she and Uncle Tim came down to Tuscaloosa for my senior awards day. She is a wonderful aunt.
  21. Allison- My cousin. Allison and I could have been sisters. We are so much a like. We both love crafty things and cooking. She is a great mom and I love spending time with her!
  22. Heath – Allison’s husband. I’m glad Ally married Heath. He is a good father and just a really cool guy. Heath cooked all the bbq for our wedding. He is an ah-mazing grill master.
  23. Jasper – Allison and Heath’s son. Jasper is one of a kind. He is mischievious but kind at heart. He gave me a quarter after the tornados “to fix our roof and all that stuff”. He’s so cute – he’s going to make little girls melt one day. He was the “bell ringer” at our wedding.
  24. Sawyer – Allison and Heath’s son. The youngest kid in our family. Sawyer and Michael have a special bond. When he sees me, he asks where Michael is.
  25. Rachel – My cousin. Rachel was always a fun babysitter. I remember she made us m&m bar cookies when she babysat us and played a Barbie computer game with us for hours. She loves her daughter Aubree so much! I am glad we got to grow up together and get to spend time together now.
  26. Aubree – Aubree is Rachel’s daughter. She cracks me up! She is a mess, but she’s a cute mess. She calls me “Beff-any” and it makes me smile. She was also a flower girl in our wedding (and I owe her that sleepover!)
  27. Linda – My aunt. My dad’s sister. She is always there for support, love, and advice. I value her advice and wisdom. She is a great aunt.
  28. Aaron – My cousin. I am thankful for Aaron and proud of Aaron.
  29. Brian – My cousin. We used to draw treasure maps and play nintendo games.
  30. Rachel – My cousin. I remember coloring with her at Papaw Bud and Memaw’s house and playing dress up at her house. We also drew treasure maps. She had the best collection of dress up clothes ever. I am glad we are getting to be so close now. She has gone through a lot the past few years, but I am so proud of how she has handled things. She made me three awesome mixed cds of songs to help get me through some struggles this summer.
  31. David – Michael’s uncle. I know Michael admires him. He’s welcomed me into the family.
  32. Patty – Michael’s aunt. She also makes me feel part of the family. She makes yummy grape salad and is always so nice.
  33. Nancy – Michael’s aunt. She’s always sweet and always welcoming.
  34. Chris- Michael’s cousin. He’s good at words with friend and is always fun to talk to.
  35. Patrick, Jody, PJ, and Sydney – I haven’t gotten to spend much time with y’all, but I am thankful for what you mean to Michael!

I am going to go dry my eyes now. I hate it when I make myself cry! What are you grateful for today?

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