2014 DIY Planner Tour

Paper & Pen

This is not a sponsored post in any way. Links are not affiliate links.photo 1Y’all. I think I finally have the as close-to-perfect-as-possible planner set up for me. I hope those aren’t famous last words, but I absolutely love the planner I’m using right now.

Why is it so perfect? To get it that way, I had to design it myself. After trial and error for the past several months, I finally have it set up in a way that I feel confident enough to share on here. This is my 2014 DIY planner.

photo 6The cover of my planner is a Graphic Image Saffiano Refillable Spiral Notebook.┬áInside, the notebook I’m using is different from what comes with the cover initially. This is the refill I’m using.

photo 3

This is how my planner looks from the top. The great thing about this system is that I can switch the covers whenever I want to change things up. When I took the above photo I had a pink leather cover on, obviously.

photo 2My monthly calendars are clipped inside one of the first pages in the notebook. I only use the monthlies for future planning and to have a big picture view of my month. Aren’t they cute? The fabulous Sara from This Southern Mom designed them for me. She did a great job.

1381719_10101779523837035_233570072_nMy daily pages are what I use the most. Every Sunday, I make a page for each day of the coming week. I love having so much room to write notes and lists every day. I can change the format of what I write depending on what I need that day.

1379492_10101779523946815_174103940_nAfter the daily pages for the week, I have the rest of the notebook available for whatever I need. I can write all kinds of lists and notes. I keep my work to do lists, master to do lists, goals, meeting notes, and anything else I want to keep track of in my planner. I love being able to have everything in one notebook!

The best part about my planner is the flexibility and space to write everything I need. Once the notebook runs out, I can just replace it with a new refill.

photo 5


I keep this Rifle Paper Co. notebook stashed inside the back cover as a place to record ideas and inspiration for blog posts and all my other projects.

I really think I will be able to use this planner for a long time. It’s pretty, flexible, and has plenty of space. I love it!

What planner are you using for 2014.

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