Changes to the Everything Notebook

Paper & Pen

Believe it or not, I’m still using the same planner – my diy planner/everything notebook I’ve written about before. It’s still working unbelievably well. I’ve never been so far away from the dreaded Planner Fail before.

Being me, I have made a few little tweaks since I posted about this wonderful book. These are the changes I’ve made to the everything notebook along the way.


I bought a new cover when we were in Florida.


On our way back from Florida, something hit the windshield of our new van and left a crack. We stopped in Tallahassee to get the crack repaired. While sitting in the waiting area of the repair place, I was bothered by the fact that my monthly pages didn’t go exactly with the style of my pretty neutral new cover. So, I did what any insane sane planner addict would do. I asked one of the employees for a pair of scissors and chopped off the borders. I’m planning┬áto print out another set of the calendars with the bright, colorful borders that I can use when I switch back to the pink cover.


As much as I love having everything in one book, it wasn’t working out to have my work notes and lists with everything else. So now, it’s an everything except work notebook. I’m back to a separate notebook that stays at work.

IMG_0281 IMG_0277

I wrote some of the lists that I want to keep throughout the year on pretty paper and stuck it inside the front pocket. Now I won’t have to rewrite these lists every time I switch to a new notebook refill.


Sometimes I keep this Field Notes Steno pad inside the back cover.


This isn’t technically part of the planner, but I got this new pencil pouch at Target, and I love it! It has two different compartments, so now I can carry post it notes and pens without worrying about my post it notes getting bent!

One good thing about designing your own planner is the flexibility to make small changes that make it even better.

I’ve said it before, but this time I really think I will stick with this system for a long, long time :)


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2 thoughts on “Changes to the Everything Notebook

  1. I love that you’ve created a system that is both functional and pretty! I can’t seem to feel “settled” in mine yet. It’s working for me, so I’m struggling to pinpoint exactly why I’m not satisfied. Yours has inspired me to revisit and possibly DIY!!

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