2 Years

{These are two little presents I bought for myself this week. The bracelet is from Alabama Forever. All proceeds go towards tornado recovery in the state of Alabama.}

April 27, 2011 was not a good day for the southeast and the state of Alabama. It was the most terrifying day of my life. Two years have passed now, and our house and lives are back to normal. Yet, I’ll never forget the impact that day and the months that followed had on our first year of marriage. We had a rough time, but it could have been so much worse. I don’t want to dwell too much on the negative, but I also don’t want to forget the lessons I’ve learned and how much I’ve changed since then. We are moving on to new experiences and enjoying each moment.


I’m writing this on Friday night after spending some time at the river this evening. My grandmother fried fish, and she sent M home with some peach cobbler. We are sitting on the couch watching I Love Lucy reruns. The clothes dryer is running and Bailey and Charlie are chewing on rawhides. It’s a rainy night. Thankfully, nothing severe is expected, but a clap of thunder sounds occasionally. I tense up when it happens, but I know Who is in control. When more storms come our way, no matter what, God will see us through. We are so blessed!

These are some of the posts I’ve written relating to the storms:

Rebuilding and recovery is still going on all over the state. It will take years to fully get back to normal in some places. I have written about our personal experience since this is my blog where I record my memories. This is my story, but I don’t want to forget or downplay the stories of everyone else affected. I am so proud of how far our community and cities like Hackleburg, Tuscaloosa, and Cullman have come since that horrible day. In many ways, we are stronger than ever. I love my Sweet Home Alabama!

This is a bittersweet anniversary to be sure. Two years have passed, and today, I am just so thankful.

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A Year Ago Today

Time is a funny thing. I can’t believe it has been a year. It seems like yesterday. Some of the memories are still fresh in my mind. Some have faded a little bit thanks to time. Still, I know that I will never ever forget April 27, 2011.

This is a topic that I’ve wrote about several times on Love You Muches. A year ago today, the entire state of Alabama and many other states in the Southeast were affected by devastating tornado. A year ago today, our house got hit. That was a life changing event. I have had many personal struggles during the past year, and I am still not proud of the way I handled them.

A year ago, I would have thought that the anniversary of the storms would send me back to a dark place of fear and sadness. I am thankful that is not the case today. I am still sad that it happened. I’m sad for those who lost loved ones and material posessions. Yet, I have gotten over my personal, selfish state of feeling sorry for myself. The view from the other side of going through this experience is so bittersweet. I have been changed. Time, prayer, and thanksgiving have all softened my outlook. All those crazy emotions I wrote about sometimes still come to the surface, but for the most part they have all been replaced with thankfulness.

I am truly thankful that my faith had a chance to be strengthened by this event. I know with certainty that God will always take care of things and that His will is greater than my own selfish desires. I know that my Heavenly Father protected us on April 27, 2011. I know that He has been patient with me since then and has helped strengthened me. I know I am stronger. I am thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned over the past year, and I am thankful that I still have the chance to praise Him even when life gets complicated.

It’s been quite a year, but we made it!

These are all the posts I wrote after the storms:

What are your memories of April 27, 2011? Even though I have a better outlook now, I still hate tornados!