Friday Five!

Because I haven’t posted all week, I thought the best way to break my blogging silence was by linking up with Joy for her Friday Five link up.

1. I’ve had a terrible outlook lately. I’ve failed at following Philippians 4:3-7 and Proverbs 3:5. This week in particular I was caught up in anxiety and worry. I’ve resolved to turn it around, and I’m thankful for a Heavenly Father full of grace, love, and mercy. I’m also thankful for much prayer, guidance from M, and talks with friends. I’m going to do better! I am in a much better mood this beautiful Friday morning.

2. M was quite spoiled for his birthday this year. A weekend trip to Nashville, a couples massage for us thanks to his awesome coworkers, dinner at Connors thanks to friends, and a cookout at my parents’ house…I think it’s safe to say he had a good year! I’m glad we got to do all these special things for him because he truly deserves it. He’s so thoughtful of others all the time!



3. I love these watermelon candies, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere lately. Cracker Barrel finally had some last night!


4. Even in the midst of worry and negativity, I realize how blessed I am. I have a hard time finding a balance on this blog between being real about struggles and complaining, so I try to stay away from talking about negative things. I have my struggles though, and not mentioning them doesn’t feel right either. The bottom line is I’m so, so blessed!

5. My plans for the weekend include a whole lot of cleaning out and organizing, some quilting, church, and Fathers’ Day at the river. What about you?

Have a great weekend!

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Happy birthday little sister!

Laura was born 3 years and 3 weeks later than me. That means that for 3 years and 3 weeks, I didn’t have a confidant, a family member, and a friend all rolled into one. I don’t remember much from those years, but I don’t think they must have been as fun as the next 21 years. Laura and I are different in many ways, and I often wish I was more like her. We grow closer every year, and I’m blessed to call her my little sister! Last week was her birthday, and we celebrated in typical family style.

Bailey and Charlie wanted to go tell her Happy birthday

Daddy and Charlie matched!

Birthday girl and her husband

so yeah, that happened

Bailey’s Uncle Westley’s Birthday

Last night we took Bailey to Laura and Westley’s house for the first time. I have always been afraid of how she would act around their lab, Ruger. Ruger was a perfect gentleman, but Bailey wanted nothing to do with him. I think both dogs were more interested in Westley’s birthday cake than anything else! I made Bailey “dress up” for the occasion of her uncle’s birthday. She actually didn’t seem to mind the bow (that) much.

Thanks for having us over for cake and for letting Bailey share in your big day. She sure does love her Aunt Laura and Uncle Wes. And M and I love y’all even more than Bailey does. Happy Birthday Wes! We hope you had a wonderful day :)