80 Years

20140121-070552.jpgOn Saturday, we celebrated my Papa’s 80th birthday. I’ve been so blessed to have him around my whole life. He has been a wonderful grandfather. I’ve been thinking about the life he has lived.

80 years can be filled with so many things. Papa has used his 80 years well. 80 years of living. 62 years as a husband. 61 years as a father. 37 years as a grandfather. 10 years as a great grandfather. Years spent protecting and serving as a police officer. Years full of fishing. Years spent sitting on a pier putting just one more cricket on the hook for a grandchild. Years mowing the lawn and getting it to look just right. Years riding kids on tractors, lawn mowers, and golf carts. Years sitting in his recliner talking to anyone and everyone on the phone. Years serving God. Years of breakfasts at Sportsman’s Park. Years sitting on the porch on summer nights. Years aggravating people but not in a mean spirited way. Years of watching the Braves play. Years helping others and being a good friend. Years of loving his family.

I can only hope that if I’m blessed with 80 years, I use them as well as Papa has. Happy Birthday, Papa! I love you muches and muches.

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